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FlyQ efb Issues

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Topic: FlyQ efb Issues
Posted By: dmtidler
Subject: FlyQ efb Issues
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2021 at 2:26pm

I have been using Seattle Avionics’ FlyQ efb on an iPad Pro normally WiFi connected to my IFD540 (currently sw for quite some time. I also normally use a second iPad (mini 5th gen) that is WiFi connected to my IFD540 dedicated to running the IFD100 app. With my setup, the IFD540 hosts the WiFi network. I also have a SkyTrax200 connected to my IFD540 for ADS-B in. Recently I have noticed the following:

  • When the FlyQ efb app is connected and running on one iPad, the connected iPad running the IFD100 app has a repetitive “Traffic Sensor Fault” caution message. This fault lasts only a couple of seconds, then disappears for approximately 30 – 60 seconds before reappearing. This “Traffic Sensor Fault” also only occurs on the IFD100; the IFD540 never displays this fault message. If I don’t WiFi connect the FlyQ efb app to my IFD540, then I don’t get the “Traffic Sensor Fault” caution on my IFD100. I have even run the IFD100 app on both iPads WiFi connected to my IFD540 for hours without ever getting a “Traffic Sensor Fault” caution message on any of the IFD’s.

  • I have had quite a few recent instances where my WiFi connected iPad running FlyQ efb will appear to lock up and lose the WiFi connection with the IFD540 after being WiFi connected for approximately 15 – 45 minutes. When this happens, the other iPad running the IFD100 continues to work normally with the IFD540. The only way I have been able to restore WiFi connectivity between the IFD540 and the iPad that was running FlyQ efb was to cycle the IFD540 WiFi off / on. I had tried restarting the locked-out iPad, closing FlyQ efb, cycling the locked-out iPad WiFi, running the iPad100 app (with FlyQ efb closed) all to no avail. Only cycling the IFD540 WiFi restores WiFi connectivity to the locked-out iPad. After hours of testing, once again, this WiFi connectivity issue seems to only occur when the affected iPad was running FlyQ efb while WiFi connected to my IFD540.

    I have tried running FlyQ efb Bluetooth connected to a DUAL XGPS190 during my last couple of flights and that combination operated without fault. Unfortunately, this loses any flight plan transfer capability between FlyQ efb and my IFD540 and adds another gadget to the mix.

  • While uploading flight plans from FlyQ efb flight plans to the IFD physically works; I tested this recently and noticed that the uploaded flight plan created user waypoints in the IFD for each waypoint in the flight plan. This included IFD created user waypoints for already identically named and located waypoints in the IFD database as well as created IFD user waypoints for the “begin cruise” and “begin descent” predicted waypoints (both named “BEGIN” in the IFD). Flight plan downloads from the IFD to FlyQ efb work well.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues with their IFD – FlyQ efb connections? From my perspective, it seems there may still be a couple of bugs in the FlyQ efb connection protocol with Avidyne IFD’s.

Posted By: nrproces
Date Posted: 12 Sep 2021 at 10:51am
Hi, I use my 540, with FlyQ, but I use an alternative SkyRadar DX for my gps source on the FlyQ system.   I do that so that I have multiple GPS source confirmation in my very mountainous terrain where I fly.  I wish that I could help you, but perhaps you should query the folks at AFV partners, they purchased Seattle Avionics, I have found Steve P, the founder of SA to be very helpful....Good luck


Posted By: dmtidler
Date Posted: 12 Sep 2021 at 10:04pm
Thanks! I contacted Seattle Avionics Tech Support regarding these observations a day before starting this thread. They are looking into the reported issues. 

I was curious if anyone other FlyQ efb users on this forum have had similar observations when their IFD is WiFi connected to their iPad running FlyQ efb?

Posted By: mfuesting
Date Posted: 14 Sep 2021 at 4:39pm
I've flown the FlyQ-IFD540-IFD100 combo with none of the problems that you have had.  Sorry I can't help.

Mike L Fuesting

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